On December 8, 2000, I made a visit to Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure theme park. Along with me were my husband Kendall, my granddaughter Jade, and housemates Terri and Alex Jones and Richard Byers.

In the Seuss Landing area of the park, they were having a Whobilation. As I am a great fan of the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" that came out for the 2000 Christmas holidays, I was all ready to join in the fun.

Here are some pictures from the Whobilation.

acrobats in front of whos' christmas tree

Here, some acrobats perform in front of the Whos' town square Christmas tree.

jade at mt. crumpet

Jade was quite fond of the entrance to the cave in Mt. Crumpet (the Grinch's home).

lady who

A lovely lady Who sings to the crowd in the square.

cindy lou and other whos

Cindy Lou Who speaks to the Grinch "whose heart had grown three sizes that day."

alex and jade play in mt. crumpet snow

Jade and Alex played in the Mt. Crumpet snow for hours. Well, it's not too often Florida kids get to do that, you know.

ann and grinch

Here I am with the Grinch. I think he looks a lot better in this picture than I do.

To see some more pictures from the day at Islands of Adventure, CLICK HERE.

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