There are quite a few pages on the web that concern Brother Cadfael. I am sharing some of my favorites with you here. I hope you enjoy them. --Samanna (Ann Morris)

Sir Derek Jacobi
This site is a great overview of the actor's career and has some wonderful photos of him portraying our favorite monk. (added 1-07-01)

Steve C.'s Page
Just lots of Cadfael stuff here. (added 1-07-01)

Long Live Brother Cadfael
Another one with a lot of Cadfael information. (added 1-07-01)

Ellis Peters and Brother Cadfael
(added 1-07-01)

Index of Saints
This one will help you find out who some of the saints mentioned in the Cadfael books were. (added 1-07-01)

A Cadfael Compendium
(added 1-07-01)

Brother Cadfael's Herbarium
This is a club you can join to share thoughts with other Cadfael fans. It's on Yahoo. (added 1-07-01)

Shrewsbury Abbey
(added 1-07-01)

Brother Cadfael's Chronicles
This site gives you a synopsis of each book in the Cadfael series. (added 1-07-01)

The Rose File: Brother Cadfael
Gardeners will be interested in this one. (added 1-07-01)

Anita's Origami
Make your own little paper Cadfael. (added 1-07-01)

The Deepings Dolls

This is kind of cute. If you are a doll collector, this might interest you. (added 1-12-01)

Virtual Shropshire
Take a cyber tour of Ellis Peters' beloved hometown and the Welsh borders. (added 1-12-01)

Here are a couple of sites that deal with the use of herbs, just in case you want to look up something our favorite Benedictine uses.

Medieval Use of Herbs (added 1-12-01)
Medicinal and Magical Uses of Herbs in Medieval Europe
This one seems to be part of a roleplaying game reference but it looks pretty good. (added 1-12-01)

New and Improved Medieval Woodcuts CLip Art
If you need an illustration or a background for a medieval project, this is a good site to visit. (added 1-12-01)

A Boke of Goode Cookery
To find out what kinds of foods and recipes were used in Brother Cadfael's time up through the Renaissance, visit this page.