Samanna's Web Picks

The Hunger Site
It's all well and good to delve into myth and fable but it's important to remember that first we are people or our time and some of our brothers and sisters are in great need of the most basic stuff of life. You can help feed hungry people by going to this site which is sanctioned by the United Nations and using just one mouse-click to donate food to starving people.

THE VIRTUAL RENAISSANCE is a wonderful site with just virtual tons of information about life in Renaissance times. You'll love this one, I'm sure. (Wintereve)

Joseph Campbell Foundation
Joseph Campbell left anyone who is interested in the preservation of mythology and in the importance of mythology in our lives a great legacy. At the JCF website, you can find out about Mr. Campbell's life and his works. I would say that some study of Campbell is a "must-do."

The Center for Story and Symbol
This site is intended for people who are in professional mental heath care or study but there are interesting, not too academic, sections for those interested in folklore and mythology, including an article on the mythology of STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE.

Bulfinch's Mythology
Bulfinch's is a "classic." At this site, you will find loads of information on the Greek and Roman myths and a very good list of links to sites on a wide variety of mythological studies.

Mything Links
You'll find links enough to keep you busy for months here. There are links designated by area of the world and by specific topics such as Green Men and Rainbows. This site is awesome. Check it out.

The true bardic tradition is carried on at Cantaria. You can get the lyrics and hear the music performed so that you can learn songs from before the 1600s, traditional songs , and contemporary folk songs. I really can't say enough about how nice this site is. If you want to be a bard, this is one you must add to your bookmarks.

CASTLE GREYWOLF This is the home of Greywolf the Wanderer. He is one of the friends Wintereve has met in her travels. Be sure to drop in to see him.

Medieval & Renaissance Games Home Page
This site is a great reference for anyone who needs ideas about games to play at historical or mythological re-enactment gatherings.

O Vurdon
O Vurdon means "wagon" or "caravan." The wagon is still a symbol of the Roma (gypsy) people even though many have given up the nomadic life. This site has a great deal of information on the Roma, their history, culture, and place in the world in modern times. It's a must for anyone interested in gypsy lore.

The Costume Site Absolutely the best costume resource site on the web. Check it out!

Here are three sites which you may find useful if you are not adept at sweing and would like some new costumes for your renaissance/medieval/fantasy events. I have costumes from all three of these costumers and can honestly recommend their work.

Merchant Adventurers
Cloth of Gold
Distant Designs

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