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If you would like to know about fencing tournaments in which young fencers may compete in Florida, please visit the Central Florida Division Fencing Calendar

(added 6-20-00) Visit Castle Greywolf for some fantasy fun. This is an extensive site with a lot of graphics. As Greywolf the Wanderer says, "Patience is a virtue."

(added 6-9-00) Visit some faraway places by gonig to the CASTLE OF THE WEEK site.

To learn more about the Code of Chivalry and Knightly Virtues, Click Here.

You may read about the knighting ceremony by CLICKING HERE

If you still want more, check out this page of Chivalric Links and More

Although you won't find much about swords or fencing at this site, you can find a lot of great information on life in Renaissance times (and it just might give you some good ideas for school projects). Visit THE VIRTUAL RENAISSANCE.

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