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Equipment Suppliers

Fencing-Net Equipment Shop
New as of October 7, 2009. Shop here for all your fencing needs.
Supplier of fencing, martial arts and replica swords. (added April 6, 2003)
Duellist Fencing Equipment (added March 26, 2003)
Estoc Competition
Supplier of French made fencing equipment--site can be read in French or English. (added 10-04-00)
Allstar Equipment
France-Lames, English version
American Fencers Supply
Blade Fencing Equipment
Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear
The Fencing Post
Le Touche' of Class
Physical Chess
Santelli Fencing
Winsor Sport Fencing Supply
Zivkovic Modern Fencing Supply
Negrini Fencing Equipment
Site from Italy--may take a long time to load.
Leon Paul
Not only does this site have fencing equipment for sale but also has a lot of other nice features, including a good international links page. (9-1-99)
Triplette Competition Arms
Quality Performers
This site comes from New Zealand. The company specializes in women's chest p protectors. You can get their products from many of the suppliers listed above. Here, you can get detailed information on the products however.
Fencing Footage
This is not strictly an equipment site but it's a good place to look for videos of recent competitions--something a lot of people have been looking for but not finding. So, here it is.(8-31-99)
Merlin 3W Enterprises
Site from England (9-1-99)
Triple F Sport
Site from Austraila supplying all types of fencing equipment. (10-7-2004)

International Fencing Links

Liverpool Fencing Club
(added 6-4-00)
Wojtek's Fencing Page
This is a Dutch/Polish site but it is written in English. (added 3-23-00)
Brazilian Fencing
Last time we looked this page was only in Portugese.
Defitis Totalis--Epee Fencing in Slovenia
Those wild and crazy Slovenians really know how to laugh at themselves.
Fencing Links--World Wide
Leong's Home Page
Navacchio Fencing Club
Tasmanian Fencing
Another page done by fencers with a good sense of humor.
Dublin University Fencing Club
Federation Internationale d'Escrime
World fencing organization site-in French
German Wheelchair Fencers
Canadian Fencing Federation
Croatian Fencing Federation
This seems not to have been updated since 1998 and it is mostly in Croatian but you might find it interesting just for a look. (9-1-99)
Gauteng Fencing Association
This site is from South Africa. (9-1-99)
Fencing New Zealand
The Dog's Knob of a Fencing Page
There is some very cool stuff on this page, including FREE software for fencing competitions but it is not a PG rated page. Some of the language may not be suitable for all audiences. (9-1-99)
Fencing in Sweden
This page is all in Swedish. (added 7-11-00)

Fencing Organizations & Clubs

United States Fencing Association
United States Fencing Coaches Association
National Fencing Academy
Pompton Lakes, NJ Nice site! (added 4-18-06)
Central Florida Fencing Page
(added 11-02-00)
Sarasota Fencing Academy
Added May 12, 2005
Engarde Fencers
Largo, Florida
Florida State University Fencing Club
Tallahassee, Florida
Metro Tacoma Fencing
(added March 26, 2001)
The Blade Society
An historical and sport fencing club in Portland, Maine.(added November 13, 1999)
Salle Honolulu Fencing Club
Hololulu, Hawaii (added 6-1-99)
Hawaii Fencers Club
Honolulu, Hawaii (added 3-12-05)
Westside Fencing Center
Culver City, CA (added 3-21-00, This site has a great reference library.)
NorthWest Fencing Center
Seattle--home of Salle Auriol, now an official Olympic fencing training center (added 8-2-00)
New Mexico Fencing Club
Orlando Fencing Club
Ragnarok (Warner Robbins, GA)Fencing Club
Tampa's Fencing Academy
Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida Fencing Club
Tampa, Florida
University of West Florida Fencing Club
Winter Haven Fencing Club
Winter Haven, Florida
Huntsville Fencing Club
Huntsville, Alabama
Calvert-Arundel Swordsmen
(added Oct. 23, 1998) North Beach, Maryland
West Virginia Universtiy Fencing Club's Links Page
Find lots and lots of links here--said to have 500 or more. (added February 15, 1999)

Fencing Reference & Humor Pages
Added August 14, 2005
All About Fencing Masks
Added April 18, 2005
Fencing Sucks
Humorous page where you gripe and add to the humor. Fun. (added 7-11-00)
The Salle
(added 3-29-00)
My Inner Sanctum
This is the personal page of Mark Santos. It's sooo neat. Be sure to check this one out. (added October 24, 1999)
This is a great site with lots of fun stuff. (added May 18, 1999)
Not strictly a fencing page but does have a page of fening links and it's owner is a rated sabre fencer. There's some nice stuff here including an online science fiction and fantasy magazine.(added 3-24-00)
Fencing FAQ
Lots of answers to lots of questions.
Kendo Clubs Search on YAHOO
Just in case you want to know more about this "other" fencing (9-1-99)
Fencing Clubs and Teams Search on YAHOO
A good list of clubs and teams, nost of which are not already listed on this page (9-1-99)
Fence Net
Good general reference for fencing topics.
Fencer Girl's Fencing Fun Pages
The light side of fencing.
Paul's Guide to Fencers
An Irishman categorizes fencers--shows you what to laugh at in yourself.
Pick-Up Lines for Swordwielders
How to get a conversation started with that cute fencer you've been eyeing.
Warrior Knights
Youth Fencing Page of Tampa's Fencing Academy
Fencing The World's Oldest Modern Sport
Site copyrighted by NBC in 1996
(added 9-4-98)Very Good Page--check it out.
American Fencing (online archive)
(added 9-4-98) The USFA's members' magazine.
International Paralympic Committee Fencing Page
(added 9-7-98)Information about wheelchair fencing
Fencing Search on Yahoo
(added 9-7-98)

Strictly Swashbucklers

FireBlade Coffeehouse:Alexander Dumas
You can read the entire text of Dumas' novels at this site. Very nice. (added October 12, 1999)
Seller of lots of neat, swordsy stuff (added 11-02-00)
Historical Armed Combat Association
(added October 12, 1999)
Cyrano de Bergerac
At this site, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" and were not too afraid to aak. (added October 12, 1999)
Dread Pirate Roberts' Princess Bride Page
(added October 12, 1999)
The YorkSite Errol Flynn Page
There are lots of pictures and lots of information on the actor and his movies here. (added October 12, 1999)
Swashbuckler's & Sea Epics At a Glance Film Reviews
(added February 15, 1999)
Legends: Swashbucklers & Fops
This page is a wonderful resource for full text of major works of literature and information on many others. There are many excellent illustrations with full notes on how they were "fixed" for the site (added February 15, 1999).
Women as Swashbucklers
This page is from a magazine for people who play the role playing game GURPS. However, there is a nice list with brief summaries of the lives of swashbuckling women. Just ignore the gaming info and go for the historical data (added February 15, 1999).
Academy of Medieval Martial Arts
(added 9-20-99)
Bright Blades Seller of replica weapons and gaming materials.
(added 9-20-99)
Arms of Valor Seller of replica arms.
(added 9-20-99)
Historic Enterprises Seller of replica arms, Renaissance costumes, books, and more.
(added 9-20-99)
Dark Heart Armoury Seller of replica arms.
(added 9-20-99)
Valentine Armouries Seller of replica arms.
(added 9-20-99)
Silvermane Limited Seller of medieval and Renaissance replica arms.
(added 9-20-99)
Renaissance Magazine Webpage for the print magazine, giving information on ordering the magazine and writer's guidelines. The magazine is very interesting. Deals with real events and folklore and mythology of the Renaissance and medieval times.
(added 9-20-99)

Miscellaneous Fencing Pages

Martial Arts Talk Forum
(added 8/04/06)
Balestra-Jim's Fencing Page
(added 9/11/99)
This page is dedicated to a martial art that originated in the Phillipines. It incorporates stick fighting and has many parallels to fencing. It was originally a fighting system but is now practiced as a sport. The keeper of the site has seen a demonstration of this art and found it very interesting.(link added May 17, 1999)
This is the home page for Guro Bruce Chiu. He is an instructor of Modern Arnis. This page gives informtion on the sport and where you can get intstruction in it.
Art of War
Not strictly a fencing page but good philosophy for fencers anyway.
Johnathan Corrales' Homepage
(added Ocober 11, 1999)
This page has lots of links to pages on all kinds of swords but also has some very interesting historical and mythological reference pages.(added March 4, 1999)
Elizabethan Fencing
Good reference for those who like fencing history.
Fencing Photo Album
See some of the cool folks who fence at Tampa's Fencing Academy.
Fenfool's Fencing Page
Nice page by Jim Ferrone.
Classical Fencing
Nice variety of topics here.
This has some nifty pics on it.
Randall's World
Much to be seen here, including history, tips and clip art.
(added Oct. 23,1998) Open to all fencers to use to communicate about fencing subjects.