Editor's Choice: Fencing Web Sites
by Annie Morris

Oh what a tangled web we weave...There is so much out there on the web that you can easily get lost and never find your way back to where you started. Search engines are helpful but they have a couple of big drawbacks. First, they often list every individual page of a site and old editions of pages that should have been deleted . Second, the sites haven't been reviewed by a fencer for fencers. You can waste a lot of time going places you don't really care to visit.

So, I'm going to give you the benefit of the knowledge I've gained from all the time I've spent on the web looking at fencing pages.

In each issue of TFA Magazine, fron now until I either run out of good sites or until I simply get tired of this, I will point you in the direction of what I deem to be worthwhile fencing sites.

I warn you, I tend to go for sites that have a bit of, and sometimes a lot of, humor in them. Fencing is not dull and dry and neither are most fencers. I think most want to be amused as well as informed.

With that in mind, I submit for your approval the following 5 "Five Foil" sites.

Westside Fencing Center
This site has a wonderful reference library whose virtual shelves are crammed with interesting texts and images concerning fencing. You can really have some fun here.

The Fencing Shrine
There's mosre fun than you can shake a stick at The Fencing Shrine. The webmistress of this site is a young woman fencer from Austrailia. She is a computer whiz in her off time from fencing and it shows. She knows her stuff in both worlds. Be sure to visit the Oracle when you make your pilgrimage to the Shrine to get insight into your game.

Fence Net
This is one of the top reference sites on fencing. Craig Harkins is the keeper of this site and the Fencing Web Ring. He's done a lot here to promote fencing and his site does what none of the print fencing magazines in this country do--gives real help to fencers. He has a section on his site devoted to drills that will help you improve your skills. Check it out!

/My Inner Sanctum
Mark Santos does a fine job on his site of mixing fencing with just a whole lot of other kind of surrealistic stuff. Try it. You'll like it.

Advance Lunge
This site is a great reference site with a good bit of playfulness. My favorite thing on this site is the games page wehre you can play a game called "You Make the Call." It's got animated fencers you view and make a judgement about regardign who would get the point. It's fun and instructional.

See you next time with more "Five Foil" sites. Fence On!

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