From the Photo Files of Salle Honolulu

Clinton Bodley, Colin Chock, & Derek Goto at a Wednesday practice in The Learning Center at Lanikai Elementary

Colin teaching Michael Caravelo

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This photo is a little blurry but it's too rare not to include. Ann Marsh of the U.S. Olympic Women's Foil Team that competed in the Sydney Olympics , took a lesson as teammates Iris and Felicia Zimmerman look on.

Salle Honolulu members visit the Olympians at the Honolulu Club. From lef t to right: Cathleen Pomponio (student), Ann Mars (Olympian), Jason Ellinwood (student), Iris Zimmerman (Olympian), Clinton Bodley (student), Colin Chock (founder of Salle Honolulu), Ace Ellinwood (Jason's dad), Felicia Zimmerman

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