by Andrew J. Offutt

EDITOR'S NOTE: This song/poem appears in the fantasy novel DEATHKNIGHT by Andrew J. Offutt. It's out of print now but you may find a copy if you search the used bookstores. You might want to try going to bookstore search to find a copy. It's a fun book and it's got swords in it, of course.

The song was used with the author's permission.

Oh how I love the open road!
The sky above sunlit with gold!
Honor lies ahead on this long ribbon of dust--
Oh let me but ride the open road!

Oh how I hate the falling rain,
For I am not a field of grain!
Weary buttocks tonight and ever more distrust;
Oh you may have this rearward pain!

Oh how I love my slth'ry steed!
His surly manner I do not need...
In him is no care that our cuase is just,
But hurries on with jolty speed!

Oh how I love the open trail!
The sun cruelly bakes my hot mail...
I love this life as I love swordblade rust--
I also love warts and pelting hail!

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