Just for Laughs

Tampa's Fencing Academy fencer, Mark Jones, get that "psych out" edge with the help of his faithful friend, Mr. Flicky the sock puppet.

Mark and Mr. Flicky on guard against the forces of evil.

Here's a close-up of the little blue-eyed devil.

Those who have experienced the footwork drills of death administered by TFA's Coach Casthely often feel like this poor "living dead" fencer looks. Okay, we're just kidding, Coach, but you do give one heck of a footwork workout.

This guy was actually a decoration put together by TFA Magazine editor Ann Morris for Halloween of 1997.

It's not exactly USFA approved but you can't say we TFA fencers don't fence in style.

These pictures were taken at Necronomicon, a science fiction and fantasy convention where Ann Morris and Maestro Gerry Duran fenced in the hallway to draw attention to a fencing demonstration that was about to start.

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