the quarterly online magazine of Tampa's Fencing Academy

Volume 1, #4 -- October, November, December 1998

Editor: Ann Morris
Assistant Editor: Gerry Duran


A weapon is a device for making your enemy change his mind. The mind is the first and final battleground, the stuff in between is just noise. -- Lois McMaster Bujold

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New In This Issue:

The Pen and the Sword #2 our poetry page
Simple Attack Drills by Craig Harkins
Just for Laughs Have a look at some silliness perpetrated by TFA fencers.
The Way & the How compiled by Maestro Gerry Duran

Coming in the next issue of TFA Magazine are an interview with Nick Evangelista (author of the best selling fencing book of all time THE ART AND SCIENCE OF FENCING), more drills from Craig Harkins, and photos from Maestro Gerry Duran's 60th birthday party which was held at Tampa's Fencing Academy.

The TFA fencing site was awarded the fencing site of the week award by James Ferrone of FENFOOL's FENCING PAGE for the week of October 13. We thank Mr. Ferrone for his kindness. Please visit his awards page and excellent site by clicking on the award image.
The TFA site was awarded the Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award for excellence in web presence in July, 1998. Please visit Mr. Hobrath's interesting and informative site by clicking on the award image.

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