by Richard Lee Byers

"Something has risen from the depths of Hell." the tormented psychic said. " A host of shadows with the faces of animals and corpses, who walk unseen among their fellow spirits. They've come to kill and damn a million souls!"

An ancient evil stalks the world, sowing carnage and terror. A power so virulent it menaces all of Creation, yet so elusive that only two men even suspect its existence: Frank Bellamy, a disgraced FBI agent obsesses with catching a notorious serial killer and James Graham, Marquess of Montrose, in life a martyred hero, now the cynical agent of the monstrous princes of the dead. Only these unlikely champions have even the slightest hope of countering the threat but their enemies mean to crush them before they can even begin. Meanwhile, the clock is running, counting down to a hideous act of revenge.

DARK KINGDOMS (comprised of The Ebon Mask, The Onyx Tower and The Obsidian Blade) is a true epic of The World of Darkness, the story of a nightmare quest that leads from the haunted alleys and mansions of New Orleans to the dungeons and palaces of Stygia itself. This is a saga of wraiths, werewolves, mages, vampires, demons, gods, and the occult scholars of the Arcanum. It's a tale of war and conspiracy, love and hate, damnation and redemption, which will alter the face of the World of Darkness forever.

DARK KINGDOMS is available now from White Wolf.

To read an excerpt from DARK KINGDOMS, click HERE.

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