Here is my list of Totally Cool Links.

CASTLE GREYWOLF For some fantasy fun. This is an extensive site owned by one of my friends. Take a look.

THE HUNGER SITE This site comes from the United Nations. It's the easiest way to help solve the problem of world hunger you'll ever find.

TFA WARRIOR KNIGHTS This is the web home of the Tampa's Fencing Academy youth fencing porgram.

THE CHIMP CHANNEL This site is dedicated to a really cool TV show. THE CHIMP CHANNEL is reminiscent of LANCELOT LINK: SECRET CHIMP. You're gonna go ape over it. (Couldn't resist the bad joke.)

SPAM TRIVIA "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spamity-Spam, wonderful Spam!"

Nathan's Humor Archive This is a really sophisticated humor page with a search function that will seek out humor on just about any topic .

The Bible in Pig Latin If you can get through more than a parable or two of this before you start getting feeble-minded, you are doing better than I am. It's kind of a cute novelty page. This guy has more time on his hands than is good for him, probably.

Twist, Slugs, and Roscoe: Hardboiled Detective Terms Learn what all those strange words and phrases mystery writers employ mean.

Tongue Twisters There are dozens of squirrely phrases and rhymes to mess you up on this page. You can even find some languages other than English.

English to American Dictionary Britspeak to Americanspeak--fun.

Swords "n" Stuff This is a business page but there are some very cool pictures of the merchandise and some of it isn't priced only for the wealthy.

Richard Lee Byers' Home Page Author's home page with bio, bibliography and news about forthcoming novels.

Lynn Abbey's Home Page Author page that features an interactive section with the little old lady from Schenectidy.

Bodger & Grift's Medieval Pick Up Lines If you ever wanted to know how to get a conversation started with a comely lad or lass at a festival, here are some helpful (?) hints for you.

Origins of Sayings Word lovers will take a fancy to this page and the many other links it has to other language sites.

Monteray Bay Aquarium It may not be as good as going to the aquarium in person but this site has a lot to offer, including kelp cam -- you just have to see it for yourself.

Cows With Guns Take advantage of the wisdom of Cow Tse Tongue at this site.

Art of War Here, you will find a concise overview of Sun T'su's famous book of philosophy.

TFA Magazine This is the online magazine from Tampa's Fencing Academy for fencers and others interested in fencing.

Cliche Finder Just type in a word or phrase and you'll get back catchy little cliches to use on your unwitting friends and acquaintances.

Gargoyle Homepage Nice, easy to navigate page with the history of and lots of pictures of gargoyles.

Brendan's Phone Anagram Generator If you'd like to have one of those clever little phone phrases to give out instead of just your boring old number, Brendan Connell's software will figure the possibilities for you.

TAMPA'S FENCING ACADEMY This page is meant to be of interest to fencers in general as well as those who train at Tampa's Fencing Academy.

STONE HILL SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION Find out about the Tampa area's oldest and largest SF club and it's activities.

National Gallery of Art Take a virtual tour of this wonderful museum that belongs to us all.

On The Web My friend Tom Jackson from Oklahoma writes this column for the Lawton Constituiton where he is a reporter. He's got a lot to do with me getting online in the first place. Evil man!

Dr. Morris' Laboratory This is my husband Kendall's web page. Nifty science stuff.

MILIEUX There are dozens and dozens of great places to go on this site. My favorites are the Costume Site and the Costume Source.

Ben Bova's Web Site Science fiction and science fact author Ben Bova's webpage includes, excerpts from his books (I highly recommend MARS), news about his upcoming publications, and dates for personal appearances.

Discovery Channel Online Check out the TV listings for Discovery, Animal Planet, and The Learning Channel here as well as a lot of other fun things.

Comedy Central You can read about "South Park," and "Viva Variety," as well as play to oh-so-addicting "Ab-Fab" and "Win Ben Stein's Cybermoney" games on this one.

SFF NET Get information on SF/Fantasy books, authors, and other topics for SF/Fantasy fans.

Vonda McIntyre's Web Page Find out what's new with this fine SF/Fantasy writer. She also shares some writing tips.

C.J. Cherryh's Web Page As well as news about Ms. Cherryh's writing , you can see some of her artwork and pictures of her cats.

The Aviation Art of Richard Louis NewmanThis page is devoted to Mr. Newman's paintings of many different aircraft, including a lovely one of the space shuttle Discovery.

Amazon Books You can find almost any book you want here. They have booksearch service, big discounts and fast service. They get my "thumbs up."

A&E TV This site has games, a nifty "shop," and TV listings for Arts & Entertainment TV and the History Channel.

Internet Movie Database I have used this one a lot. It's great for answering those old movie questions you wonder about at three in the morning and you can get information on new and upcoming movies.

The Official Zorro Web Page Find out all you ever wanted to know about the heroic man with a blade, Zorro.

Yahoo I always start with this search engine. If it doesn't have it, you can get to a myriad of other search engines through it. It's sort of "one stop shopping."

Ed Rush's Page This page has Ed's personal information but also a lot of good links to sites on topics varying from beer to hockey to science fiction.

The Rat Hole It's irreverent and fun here. Take a look.

Warner Brothers Official Site There is a lot on this site to play with. You can play some games, take surveys, get news about Warner Brothers productions and send free virtual greeting cards.

South Florida Science Fiction Society This is the site of South Florida's active SF club. .

Mystic Mark's Place If you like to look at family albums, this is the page for you. I recommend the links section of this one.

Fencer Girl's Fencing Fun Pages This is a sometimes silly site but check it out 'cause there is some fun stuff here.

Annie's Attic Samanna's World FencerGirl Cooking Links Brother Cadfael Garb Shoppe Musica Simpatica Tampa's Fencing Academy

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