This, and all other Fencer Girl pages are dedicated to the fun of fencing (and sometimes to alliteration).

Information about fencing on Fencer Girl pages will be correct 'cause she doesn't want to be a purvayer of prevarications. However, you will find some less than reverent material (though most is "family-safe") on some of the pages. (If a page contains material that some may not feel is suitable for kids, Fencer Girl will post a notice at the top of the page.

For most fencers, the game is a hobby rather than a career, and as such, it should be entered into with a blithe spirit.

This page last updated March 26, 2002.

ADDED OCTOBER 4, 2000: A fencer who sent only the name Denton provided F.G. with some interesnting information concerning Cyrano de Bergerac. He was prompted by the list of fictional swordsmen that appears farther down this page. F.G. was aware that some of the swordsmen were not only fictional but were highly fictionalized real people. To be honest, she was not aware of that being the case with Cyrano but Denton has enlightened her. These are the facts, man.

He was quite real, perhaps one of the finest swordsmen ever. He could also be a real jerk. Someone hired approximately 100 thugs to waylay him one night. Caught on a bridge, de Bergerac was able to kill many of his attackers and send the rest fleeing. Of further interest, he is considered the first science fiction writer. You will find his stories in collections of early French literature." --Denton
(added 7-11-00) Do you have a gripe about fencing? Would you like a place to put it out there to the world? Well, there's a new site in cybertown where you can do just that. Fencing Sucks is a lot of fun. There is griping but there is a lot of humor. Check out the postings for some creative definitions of fencing terms. The photo gallery is great too. This one gets the F.G. stamp of approval.

(added 7-1-00) F.G. besides being the page-lady for this site is also the editor/publisher TFA MAGAZINE. Though the magazine is now on hiatus (probably permanently), she thinks you might enjoy what has gone before now. So, why don't ya just hop on over and see what's there? TFA MAGAZINE

(added 5-4-00) Take a look at Justin Tausig's Page.. He's a US fencer with great promise.

F.G. has this friend who's a fencer but who also writes horror and fantasy fiction. This guy, Richard Lee Byers, has written a very cool fantasy novel called THE SHATTERED MASK. The book won't be out in the stores until 2001 but you can read an excerpt from it now by CLICKING HERE.. For more information on Mr. Byers and all of his works, visit his Homepage.

Fencer's Bookshelf
by Annie Morris (added 3-28-00)

You can't fence all the time. Sometimes, you have to put up your sword and partake of a more restful activity. Why not read a book with swords in it?

book cover

If you are new to fencing, you may be intimidated by many of the books on how to fence. They are big with a lot of fancy French words in them and lots of diagrams. You just want something simple with clear pictures. I've got just the book for you. It's called FENCING (Know the Sport) by Alan Skipp. It's a paperback with a retail price of $5.95. It's got sections on clothing, the weapons, basic moves, target areas, and a nice glossary of terms. It's got great pictures illustrating stance and movement and the text is clear and concise. When new students sign up for lessons at Tampa's Fencing Academy, they receive a copy of this book to help get them started. That's a pretty good recommendation itself, don't you think?

book cover

If you have kids in your home who are interested in fencing, you might enjoy reading ON GUARD by Donna Jo Napoli along with them. A good children's book follows the same rules of writing as a good adult book and even if the plot is not complicated, it will keep you wanting to know how things turn out. That's the case with ON GUARD. It's about a young boy who wants to find a way to be special. He that becoming a good fencer will be the key for him. He finds out that fencing is more than an athletic activity and comes away with much more than the skills needed to face an opponent on the strip. The recommended reading age for this book is 9 to 12. Look for it in the young readers shelves of book shops. It retails for $4.99.

book cover
book cover
book cover

Bernard Cornwell is probably best known for his Sharpe's series of books but his WARLORD CHRONICLES deserve more than a few kind words also. The series is comprised of THE WINTER KING, ENEMY OF GOD, and EXCALIBUR ($14.95 each in paperback). Although these are chronicles of the life of the famed King Arthur, the narrator, Derfel (pronounced "Dervel") Cadarn will be taken to your heart even more than the great Arthur. You follow his life from the time he was a Saxon child thrown into a druid's deathpit to his time as a warlord and then to the end of his life as a Christian monk. His life in intertwined with Arthur's and the story of Arthur would not be complete without him in this telling. By the end of the tale, you'll know that Britain had two bright blades as part of her mythic history: the Sword of Rhydderch (Excalibur) and Derfel's Hywelbane.

You'll get to know Merlin, Guinivere, Mordred, Lancelot, Galahad, Sagramor and many others from Arthurian legends in a way you have never known them before. There is beauty and romance to be found in these pages as well as amazing battles. There is not only war between the Saxons and the British but also between the Christians and Pagans. There is intrigue and outright derring-do. This is no fairy tale. This series is true heroic adventure.

If you can't find these books in your local bookstores, ask them to order them for you or buy them online at Barnes & Noble or at AMAZON.COM

ADDED FEBRUARY 1, 2000*** Here is a list of fictional (or highly fictionalized even if they were real) swordsmen. For a bit of fun, you decide which of the three modern fencing weapons each would use if he were placed by some magical force in a modern fencing salle. Forget the time periods in which they were supposed to exist. Just go on personality. This won't get you rich but you'll entertain yourself. If you feel like sending F.G. your decisions, that will be cool. Amuse yourself!

D'Artagnan (created by Alexander Dumas)
Elric of Melnibone
Severian from Gene Wolfe's THE URTH OF THE NEW SUN books
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Black Adder (even though we don't see him with a sword, surely in his Elizabethan incarnation, he'd have used one)
Sir Gawain
Jirel of Jory (femaile swordperson in stories by C.L. Moore
Blade from the recent movie
Rob Roy MacGregor (he was real but highly fictionalized in the movie)
William Wallace (same as above)
Robin Hood--primarily an archer but used a blade as well, you know
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Grey Mouser (created by Fritz Leiber)
Tegeus Cromis (created by M. John Harrison in "The Pastel City")
Inigo Montoya (created by William Goldman)
The Dread Pirate Roberts (created by William Goldman)
Lancelot du Lac
John Carter of Mars (created by Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Conan the Barbarian (created Robert E. Howard)
Fafhrd (created by Fritz Leiber) (partner of the Grey Mouser)
Luke Skywalker (created by George Lucas)
The Highlander
Captain Blood
d'Hubert & Feraud from the movie THE DEULISTSMB
Cyrano de Bergerac (Thanks to David Suarez de Lis of Madrid for pointing out that this most excellent swordsman character had been left out. (4-14-00)

NOVEMBER 12, 1999---Wanna have some web fun with words? Of course you do. You like "rapier wit," don't you? Well, Fencer Girl has just stumbled onto the coolest site imaginable. It will take any web page or piece of text you give it and put it into a different dialect for you. F.G. tried it with her own page in the Cockney dialect and it was way funny. You hafta love this one. THE DIALECTIZER

(OCTOBER 24, 1999) Since this page was first published, Fencer Girl has kept her mortal plane identity out of this page, preferring to leave it to the imaginations of those who visit here and know her cyber presence. However, she feels the time has come to let those who wish to know who the flesh and blood behind the cybergirl is visit Annie's Attic and see more of what she's about. Scary prospect, huh? Aw, you can take it. Fencer Girl knows you can.

(Added 6-20-00) Visit Castle Greywolf for some fantasy fun. This is a very extensive site owned by one of Fencer Girl's friends. Please do drop in.

(Added 6-1-00)To read some neat articles on fencing, go to:Themstream. There are articles on buying your first foil, "Is Your Child Ready to Fence?" and more.

(Added 4-18-00) Visit THE VIRTUAL RENAISSANCE. You won't find much about swords or fencing there but the site is tres' faboo anyway. F.G. says you gotta go there!!! (October 24, 1999)YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS GUY'S PAGE! Mark Santos is a fencer, an artist, a writer, a real Renaissance kind of guy. His page is TRES COOL!!. Hie yourself hence and see the wonders that await you in MY INNER SANCTUM.

FENCER GIRL HAS ALWAYS LOVED PAPER DOLLS and now she has found just the coolest one ever for all the fencer girls out there who share this love. This is one by an artist named Brenda Mattox. You can see her lovely "Captain Scarlet" by clicking HERE.

WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT FENCER GIRL? Here's your chance. She had a little April Fools fun with the editor of TFA MAGAZINE and you can read the result: "AN ENCOUNTER WITH FENCER GIRL" by clicking HERE. Again, you'll have to use the handy-dandy "back" button to come home to F.G.

This photo came from a page called "Just for Laughs." It has pictures of Tampa's Fencing Academy Fencers doing silly things. For more of this silliness, click HERE.

If you would like to see a very pretty picture of a lady with a sword, click HERE.

NEW!!! Super Sabreur -- a.k.a.The Fencing Strip is a spiffy little comic that Fencer Girl thinks will be good for you. It will tickle the funny bone in your sword arm.

IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A RENAISSANCE GUY OR GAL, be sure to check out RENAISSAANCE MAGAZINE. Fencer Girl just picked up an issue of it at the local Barnes & Noble (this was on 9-19-99 and she didn't just pick it up--she paid for it) because a friend's picture was in it and then she found it to be a very interesting mag. You just might like it too.

(added 3-24-00) F.G. just checked out a site called GALLANTRY and you should too. It's not strictly a fencing site, although it does have a page of fencing links. It's just got a whole lot of other fun stuff, including a science fiction/fantasy magazine called "Quantum Muse." Get there by clicking here!

DECEMBER 28, 1999--Fencer Girl wishes she could say this is what she looks like but she cannot tell a lie. This image comes from a very cool site designed especially for us Girls who dig the web in a big way. Click Here to find out to see more lovely images of ladies with blades and a link to the Warrior Women of the Web site.
You gotta go to the SONGS OF THE MUSKETEERS page. These lyrics from the 1939 movie that starred Don Ameche as D'Artagnan are really a hoot.

Fencer Girl has always had a bit of a fascination with pirates. Her picture of them is that of the dashing, swashbuckling fellows in movies but isn't that most people's image of them? To see a sort of pirate's code of conduct (not so far from the movie image as you might think), go to: "A pirate's life for me...".
Fencer Girl's pages were awarded the Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award for excellence in web presence in July 1998. Please drop in and visit Mr. Hobrath's studio at www.jeffhobrath.com


The Fencing Shrine: This is a very cool site. Be sure to visit the Oracle. Fun. (added June 3.1999)
Tampa's Fencing Academy: Official web site for T.F.A., with information for members and fencers in general
Tampa's Fencing Academy Coaches' Page: A site about the cool dudes who coach at Salle Duran in Tampa, Florida
Quality Performers This site if for a company that sells women's chest protectors for fencing and other body contact sports. Their merchandise is available through suppliers in the U.S., Southern Africa, Europe, Austalia and New Zealand.
USFA (United States Fencing Association): Official site of the national, Olympic sanctioned, fencing organization
Randall's World: Great site with lots of totally cool stuff for fencers
FENCER GIRL'S HUMOR PAGE : Another one that is just what its title says it is
THE PEN AND THE SWORD: The poetry page.
TFA Magazine: The online magazine of Tampa's Fencing Academy, of general interest to fencers as well as TFA members
The Fencing Shrine: Fencer Girl loves this site and not just because her page is listed is mentioned there as a fave. It's just really a whole lot of fun! (added May 18,1999)
A TOUCHE' OF STYLE: Article on clothing for fencers and a current list of fencing equipment suppliers in North America
Fence Net: This is a great resource for all kinds of fencing information. It's got a search function to help you find just what you are looking for.
Fenfool's Fencing Page: Totally cool page by Jim Ferrone
PICK UP LINES FOR SWORDWIELDERS: A page for those who need help getting a conversation started
HistoricalWeapons.Com This site is for a seller but it has a lot of great links as well as the swordsy stuff for sale.
FENCING PHOTO ALBUM: (added 4/29/98) See what some of the members of Tampa's Fencing Academy look like.
FENCING LINKS: tons of links here.
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